She is knowledgeable and reliable, a professional in real estate.

Barbara & Tom are have been friends for a long time and we’ve worked together for awhile now. Here is what Barbara has to say:

“I have known Pam for several years and have purchased 2 homes with her help.  She is knowledgeable and reliable, a professional in real estate.  I have always been more than happy with her and will continue to recommend her to others.”

The best!

Susan and her husband were looking for something within their budget.  Here’s their story…

“My husband and I have been using the internet for some time looking for just the right home for us.  I ran across Pam Rumley and Lisa Lewis.  Lisa and Pam have been just the best.  Lisa spent a lot of time on the MLS as well.  Even with gas prices, she took us to look…never giving up.  Lisa went beyond the call of duty…and we couldn’t be this happy without them.  I highly recommend  Pam and Lisa.”

Pam is an excellent realtor

Terry & Susan were relocating from the west coast to be near family – and this took several months as well.  One of the main things they were looking for was a dining room large enough to showcase their dining room furniture (which I think was an heirloom).  And when we walked in – we knew we were at the right place.  Here’s what Terry has to say….

Pam has helped me with four real estate transactions in recent years.  She knows the area extremely well.  She is well connected with loan experts and title companies who can offer expert advice.  She can connect you with very capable home inspectors.  Pam makes herself available and promptly replies to texts, e-mails and phone calls.  She makes the whole process stress free from start to finish.  Pam is an excellent realtor and I highly recommend her.

Just Bought my First Home!

Kelsey’s First Home

“Lisa and Pam helped me find and close my first home!  They made me feel so comfortable through the whole process and ultimately saved me over $20k and put me in my dream home.  I never once felt pressured and trusted that they had my best interests in mind.  They’re a great team and asked me the right questions to guide me through a difficult process.  I would highly recommend Pam & Lisa to anyone looking for an un-biased, exclusive buyer’s agent in the Nashville real estate market.”  

They treat you as if you're their friend, not a client!

“Lisa and Pam have helped us buy homes…twice!  Both times, their service was impeccable.  They treat you as if you’re their friend, not a client!  I love Lisa and Pam dearly, they have become some of my favorite people.” 

She was a go-getter when we needed it!

Moving to Nashville

“When we found out we were moving to Nashville, I was doing a little research on the internet about Realtors and happened upon Lisa & Pam’s website.  I am so thankful I did.  Lisa treated our whole family so well, spent tons of time showing us the market and having conference calls long distance with us as we were transitioning to the area.  After two years, we found the need to move to another home and once again, Lisa was there for us.  She has always been gracious, kind and patience as we decided what we ultimately wanted to purchase.  Her love for God and people shines through every time you speak with her.  She was a go-getter when we needed it, a coach when we were weighing options and a friend as we dealt with the emotional ups and downs of buying and selling a home.  You couldn’t ask for a better Realtor or friend and I highly recommend Lisa.” 

We highly recommend working with Pam Rumley

Roger and Rebecca wanted to find a home, where Rebecca could stay when she was in town to pursue her music career.  This is their experience of working with Pam Rumley…and finding their new home.

“My wife, Rebecca, and I had talked about looking into purchasing a home in the area for a few years prior to our recent purchase.  Our goal was to find an affordable, smaller home that would be a reasonable investment, while at the same time located in an area where we could enjoy spending time.   Through a friend in Colorado, we were given Pam Rumley’s website address and phone number.  After a few weeks of searching for other possibilities, we decided to give Pam a call.  From there, we started the search with her…and made 2 visits to look at the possibilities.  We wanted to get a feel for the area and pricing, and ultimately the specific neighborhoods we were interested in seeing.  Pam was fantastic and remarkably patient and the trust I needed to feel in Pam’s ability and knowledge had been established… and all that was left was to wait for the property that fit our wish list. 

When a new listing came up one morning, I gave Pam a call and by noon, she was standing in the home describing the layout and the yard.  Within an hour, we were emailed photographs and comps.  By the end of the day, we had submitted an offer.  The follow-up, inspections, and revisions to the original contract went just as smoothly.  We felt quite fortunate to have Pam and her assistants looking after our interests.  Rebecca and I highly recommend working with Pam Rumley.”  

A delightful team that's hard to beat!

A New Job at Vanderbilt!

The Harris Family needed to find a home in Nashville Real Estate when Ben took a job at Vanderbilt.  Here’s their story:

“When we were preparing to move our family to Nashville so that I could take a job at Vanderbilt, I found the Accent Properties website while doing a Google search for home-school resources in Tennessee.  One of Pam Rumley’s many helpful relocation articles came up in the search results and the rest is history.  I emailed Pam for some information as I was making a solo scouting trip to the area.  She and Lisa graciously showed me around and helped to acquaint me with the metro area.  Later, with my wife Tandalee and our two little ones in tow, Lisa and Pam helped us to focus in on a safe, affordable, and family-friendly neighborhood that perfectly suited our needs.  From their help in finding an outstanding mortgage broker…to negotiating long distance and being present for the home inspection in our absence, they made the whole process more smooth and cheerful that we could have ever hoped for. 

When I comes to finding knowledgeable, good  humored, calm, and low pressure buyer’s agents, Pam & Lisa make a delightful team and will be hard to beat.  We wholeheartedly recommend their service”  

"Service, Service, Service - That sums up Pam Rumley!

Dan & Elizabeth were looking for acreage and privacy, and it took almost a year to find their perfect home.

“Service, Service, Service – That sums up Pam Rumley!  Just like location, location, location are the 3 most important things in home ownership…service is the most important thing when selecting a true professional.  I did not want a ‘property lister’ nor a broker that pawns you off on a rookie in their office because they are too busy making a name for themselves, but rather a professional that would help and guide us.  We retained Pam as our Buyer’s agent as we were new to the area and wanted a professional that would not only point out issues with homes, but that would give great advice on local conditions and the local real estate market.

Pam was extremely patient with us as she worked with us for almost a year  after our initial one week blitz of showings did not locate a home for us.  She never gave up and showed us many properties.  Plus, when she got wind of the perfect home for us (a home that had nearly everything that we had on our ‘must have or want; list she went above and beyond to set up a quick showing that allowed us to get an agreeable offer accepted on our new home.  As anyone who is looking for real estate in this hot market knows, getting in early is critical as homes sell as fast as they come on the market in this area.

Pam did not fade away during the mortgage processing either.  She stayed on top of our mortgage broker, kept us in the loop as things progressed and was able to assist the mortgage broker when the bank rejected the appraiser’s initial appraisal as ‘sub-standard’.  Due to her knowledge and experience, Pam was able to work with the mortgage broker to get a few last-minute hiccups ironed out so that our closing could finalize.

Even after the sale was finalized, Pam has been there to assist with a post-closing seller issue.  As our family contemplates moving here, I can assure you that they will get a great referral to Pam from us.

There may be many real estate sales people,  but there is only one Miss Pam!  Thank you Pam Rumley for helping us find our beautiful homestead!