Planning Retirement in Branson? Information about retiring in Branson MO. Retiring on a Budget? Need the distance from Branson to major U.S. cities? Need to work part-time? Have questions about planning retirement in Branson? You’ll find the answers right here…

Planning Retirement in Branson?

Planning retirement in Branson?  You’re not alone!  Branson is the perfect place to retire without spending a fortune. This is such a remarkable place…a small town with a population of only 10,000 people.  BUT  there are over 100 live shows, 250 restaurants, 3 awesome lakes, hiking trails and all the natural beauty your eyes can behold!  How does this happen?  Because we get about 8 million visitors every year!  It seems everyone wants to come to ‘beautiful’ Branson!   And guess what?  Many of the entertainment venues offer a discount to residents of either Stone or Taney counties.  It’s a great ‘perk’ for living here.

Moving to the Ozarks is like living in the America that used to be.  Small towns, people that are friendly and helpful, lots of churches, and just a great wholesome atmosphere.  It’s very restful – but know that most people aren’t in much of a hurry!

So, you get the small town living environment – but no shortage of entertainment and dining that you would typically find in a large city.  It’s such a blessing to be able to choose where you live and retire.  Branson is a great choice!  And it’s pretty much in the center of the nation if you have family scattered all over.  It’s a fantastic place for a family reunion.  But, be careful – they might not want to leave.  LOL.  If you’re on a budget, it’s easy to work 6-9 months of the year and take a few months off to enjoy or travel.  With so much tourism, there are lots of part-time jobs in Branson.  But, take the winter off and go south for warmer weather…or just stay home and enjoy the Ozarks!

Planning Retirement in Branson?
Planning Retirement in Branson? YES! Jaw-Dropping Views everywhere You Look!

FAQ – Questions People Ask When Planning Retirement in Branson

  • What’s the Weather Like?  Usually mild.  We do have 4 seasons.  Spring is breathtaking and the Fall colors are spectacular!  Branson does see some snow and ice – but the winter season is typically short and mild.  Summers can get pretty warm, but the lake will cool you down!
  • What’s the Cost of Living in Branson?  The cost of living is almost 5% lower than the national average.  Home Prices are lower as well.
  • How is the Fishing?  There’s great trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo, with a hatchery that produces over 800,000 trout each year.  Lake Taneycomo is a cold water lake with some of the best rainbow and brown fishing anywhere.   Table Rock Lake is a warm water lake with many varieties of fish.  You’ll find Bass Tournaments each year.  If you like to fish but don’t know much about it, you can easily find fishing guides if you want to just enjoy a day of fishing.
  • What Do Car Tags Cost?  They are fairly inexpensive.  And each county will be different – but you can expect to pay less than $50 per year.
  • What About Health Care in Branson?  The hospitals offer excellent care.  Cox Health Center is rated among the top 10 in Missouri.  Skaggs Medical Center and Skaggs Rehabilitation Center is part of Cox, and offers a wide range of physicians for any need you have.
  • Are There Nearby Airports?  Yes, the Springfield-Branson airport in about a 40 minute drive. And the new Branson Airport is off Highway 65 – south of Branson.  Frontier Airlines flies into this airport.
  • What About Golf Courses?  There are approximately 10 beautiful golf courses
    Golf Course Location Map for Planning Retirement in Branson
    Golf Course Location Map for Planning Retirement in Branson

    in the Branson area.

Single-Family Home or Condo?

The Branson area offers a great selection of both Single-Family Homes and Condos, in a wide range of prices.  When planning retirement in Branson, you can find anything from a very inexpensive condo to total luxury!  Here’s an example of Condos/Townhomes that you can find from $100,000-$200,000 in Branson.  Of course, all the surrounding communities will have a good selection as well.

And here’s a few Single-Family Homes in the Same Price range:

What is an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?
An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is one that works EXCLUSIVELY for you, the Home Buyer – without any conflict of interest. I do not take listings, and therefore have no ulterior motive to sell you one of my listings. I work only for you – to find the home you are looking for…at the best possible price. Call me today Pam Rumley, Broker 615-428-8500.

Distance to Branson Missouri from…

Distance in Miles from Branson to various U.S. Cities

Atlanta - 668 Jacksonville - 1,013New York City - 1,203
Austin - 623 Kansas City - 210Oklahoma City - 324
Charleston - 967Las Vegas - 1,439Orlando - 1,105
Charlotte - 883Little Rock - 172Phoenix - 1,283
Chicago - 547Los Angeles - 1,651Salt Lake City - 1,282
Dallas - 427Louisville - 511San Francisco - 1,950
Denver - 806Memphis - 279Seattle - 2,045
Detroit - 781Milwaukee - 632St. Louis - 252
Houston - 597Nashville - 478Tampa - 1,124
Indianapolis - 493New Orleans - 595Washington DC - 1,065

Branson MO Zip Codes

Zip Code Map for Branson and Taney County

Taney Co/Branson Zip Code Map
Planning Retirement in Branson? Find Your Zip Code with our Color-Coded Taney Co/Branson Zip Code Map

Zip Code Maps for Taney, Stone and Christian Counties

Downsizing? – Things to Consider When Planning Retirement in Branson

Wouldn’t it be great to sell your existing family home and use the equity to purchase a smaller home when Planning Retirement in  Branson?  Be sure to read my Branson Buyer’s Guide before starting your house-hunting journey.  What are some of the things to consider when purchasing a retirement home?

  • What Size Home do You Need?  Make sure it’s big enough – but not too large.  No sense paying to heat/cool rooms that you don’t use.
  • Low Maintenance – Look for Vinyl Soffits and Gutters and gutter guards.  Don’t fall and get hurt trying to clean out those gutters.  Remember that a wood exterior house needs to be painted every 5 years or so.  Vinyl or Brick would be a better option for maintenance.  Concrete Siding is also a great choice.
  • Single Story – Having all the rooms on one level obviously eliminates climbing stairs…but sometimes having a basement for storage is really nice.  At least, have your master bedroom on the main level.  Second story bedrooms are OK for company.
  • 2 Master Bedrooms? – Sometimes people like their own space.  A second master bedroom/bath can be very welcome.
  • Barrier Free?  What happens if you or your spouse needs a wheelchair at some point?  You’ll need wider doorways and hallways to manuever that wheelchair.
  • Walk-in Shower – Having to step up into a bathtub (and getting out) can cause accidents.  A walk-in shower where you can have a stool to sit on – or even to roll a wheelchair into is preferable when caring for someone.
    Remember a walk-in shower when planning retirement in Branson
    When Planning Retirement in Branson – Remember a Walk-In Shower. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Nearby Medical Facilities – Look for the distance to the nearest doctor’s office or hospital.  Locate these facilities – including a rehab center.
  • Home Office – This is great if you work from home, or for keeping the household books, or just surfing the internet.
  • Security – Do you want a gated community – or a security guard?  Think about this now.
  • Social Interaction – Do you want to live where there are organized social functions?  Maybe playing golf with your neighbors?  Or close to a senior center?
  • Need Room for Parents? – Many of us baby-boomers have parents that need care.  Will a parent be living with you?  Do you need a separate apartment or in-law suite?  Maybe they are independent and want a separate kitchen?  Privacy?  This is a topic that really needs to be thought out.
  • Water Activities – Want to live on the lake – or just look at the beautiful Branson lakes?  Having a water view can be a great stress reliever.
  • Flex Space – Do you sew, make crafts or need a work-out room?  Hobbies can take some space – or what if you need live-in help at some point.  Where would they sleep?
  • Garden Space – Want to grow your own food?  Like to putter around outside?
  • Fenced Yard – Do you have pets?  Want Privacy?
  • Want Lower Utility Bills?  Check on the insulation in the home.  Newer homes tend to have better insulation values.
  • Closet Space – Is this important to you?  You can’t have too much storage space.  How about a dedicated closet for easy access to your Christmas decorations?
  • Re-Sale Value – Always look for a good area where the homes sell quickly.  It may not be important now – but life has a way of happening.
  • Good Schools – You may not be interested in the school system – but the person that buys your house someday sure might.

When Planning Retirement in Branson, make a list of things that are important to you – and make copies of that list.  Then take it with you while house-hunting – use one for every house you look at…and take notes.  When you look at a lot of homes, it’s so easy to forget the features of any one property.  These notes will be good for comparison later.  Of course, you’ll want to read my Home Inspection Guide for information about spotting those red flags.

Please feel free to call or contact me for help in finding your new Branson area home.  I would love to hear from you!  Pam Rumley  615-428-8500.


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Planning Retirement in Branson

Planning Retirement in Branson? Information about retiring in Branson MO. Retiring on a Budget? Need the distance from Branson to major U.S. cities? Need to work part-time? Have questions about planning retirement in Branson? You'll find the answers right here...

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