Listing of Currently Available Lakefront Homes for Sale in Branson MO. Includes lakefront homes near Branson MO.

Lakefront Homes for Sale in Branson MO

Welcome!  Lakefront Homes for Sale in Branson MO come in all shapes and sizes.  From small vacation homes to Gorgeous Multi-Million Dollar Mansions – look no further!  Also, search for Lakefront Condos.

Lakefront Homes for Sale in Branson MO
Living on the Lake is Like Living in Another World! So Relaxing!
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From October 2019 – October 2020, there were 225 Lakefront Homes Sold in the Branson area. The average list price was $452,955 with the average sold price being $424,667. This reflects sales at 93.8% of List Price. There are currently 49 active lakefront listings in the Branson area.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Lake Property

You’ll get to know the Corps of Engineers very well if you buy a lakefront home in the Branson area (or on any lake in the country).  In many ways, they will control what you can and cannot do with lakefront property.  They own and control the shoreline, which means that even when you buy a lake home or lot, the Corps will own the land that sits between your lot and the lake.  Sometimes is a very short distance, but in others, it can be a huge portion of the land.  Much depends on how far up the water levels could get, but you will be able to see the markers when viewing a lake home.

There are several questions you must ask when buying a lakefront home for sale in Branson MO:

  • Does the property have a dock and/or permit?
  • What is required to transfer the boat dock permit to you as a new owner?  Cost involved?
  • What is the water depth?  Deep enough for your boat?
  • How often are the water levels raised and lowered?  Would the dock become unusable in times of lowered water levels?
  • How much dock maintenance is required?  When are you allowed to do maintenance?
  • Can you change the dock in any way?  Make it larger, cover it, or add a lift?
  • What about electricity?  If the dock doesn’t have electricity, will you be able to run a line?
  • Will you be able to use lake water to water your lawn or garden?  Is this important to you?
  • What are the rules for cutting down trees?  Underbrush?  Clearing/Cleaning up?
  • What are you allowed for personal use of the space?

These are important questions that need to be answered to your satisfaction!  Also, please keep in mind that the Corps of Engineers land in many cases is ‘public use’ land.  This means that the general public (or your neighbors) could use that space for walking their dogs, jogging, fishing, etc.

Living on the lake is wonderful, but unless you like surprises…it pays to do your due diligence and know what the rules are!

Lakefront Property and Nature

We humans aren’t the only ones who love lake property.  Nature loves it, too!  Those lake views are naturally spectacular, but it goes both ways.  You should expect to find more ‘nature’ around the water.  I’ve found that storms are drawn to the waterways, so expect more storms and wind.

Wild animals live close to the water, because it’s just a natural habitat for them.  They have access to the water and underbrush to hide in, so why wouldn’t they love it?  I’ve lived on several lakes and found this to always be true.  In the Ozarks, I’ve seen cougars, coyote, armadillos, scorpions, snakes as well as the usual raccoons, possums, squirrels and large birds.  The neighbors say that there are bears, but I’ve not seen any.

Living on the lake is its own kind of paradise, but it definitely is closer to nature.

Lakefront Homes for Sale – Branson MO – Table Rock Lake

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Lakefront Homes for Sale in Branson MO

Listings of Lakefront Homes for Sale in Branson MO on Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake.

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