Cabins for Sale in Branson MO and surrounding areas. Branson cabins can vary in size from a very small vacation home to a small primary residence home. They come in all shapes and sizes. The area focused on here is Taney, Stone, and Christian counties in southern Missouri.

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Cabins for Sale in Branson MO!  What is considered a ‘cabin’?  Many people think of a small log structure in a rural or mountain setting, and they are correct.  However, modern cabins are much more!  They are usually small, rustic dwellings made from milled logs, with simple furnishings.

Cabins for Sale in Branson MO
Cabins for Sale in Branson MO – What’s Your Style? Large or Small?

The interior can keep the ‘log’ theme, or finished with drywall.  Most have a cozy stone fireplace.  Cabins can be on a lake or river for fishing or water activities.  Or they can be very secluded on several acres of woods.  Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a permanent home, we have an Ozark cabin for you.  Your lifestyle will determine the kind of cabin you want.  Small and efficient or luxurious with an entire wall of glass overlooking the mountains?  You’ve got it!  Price range?  You name it and we can find it.  Since cabins tend to be in the woods, want to know more about well water?  We will help you find all types of cabins for sale in Missouri.

The incredible beauty of the Ozarks is a perfect setting for a cabin of any nature.  The Branson area offers three (3) lakes with hundreds of miles of shoreline…perfect for a cabin!  Take your pick…Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, or Bull Shoals.   Or perhaps you want a cabin high on the hillside that overlooks the Ozark Mountain beauty.  We can also find Branson cabins that have a private lake!  I know it’s hard to choose.

I lived and worked in the Nashville area for many years, and I remember talking with an architect that was designing a ‘cabin’ for a country music star.  It was 16,000 s.f.  Can you imagine such a place?  It truly was beautiful – made from logs and very rustic.  I know most people would never need or want a cabin that large, but whatever you dream of in YOUR cabin… can become a reality.  Branson offers quite a few golf courses and theme parks if you like these types of recreation, or maybe fishing is more your thing?   There’s enough of either to keep you busy!  We can also find land for sale if you want to build your own cabin.

Imagine living in your dream cabin – and being close to all the Fun in Branson, too.  The best of all worlds!

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Cabin Sales – Real Estate Market Report 2020

There were 117 Cabins sold during 2020. The average list price was $315,361, and an actual sold price of $294,994 indicates cabins currently selling at 93.6% of their list price.  Call me and we’ll find your dream cabin!  615-428-8500

Branson Cabin Sales Comparison 2019-2015

Because I found such a high appreciation rate for Branson cabins, I wanted to do a breakdown so you could get a better idea of cabin and chalet price appreciation.  Need information about Branson Schools?

This first chart is for Taney County Cabins.  You’ll find both the average prices as well as median prices.  Taney County shows a very impressive 38.39% increase per year for average sale prices and a 20.38% yearly increase for median sale prices.  This is huge when you consider that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) says the national average increase is 3.7%.   It looks like buying a Branson cabin is a really good investment.  Call me and we’ll find your special cabin!   417-243-0100.

# Sold5037153019
Average List Price$336,784$296,834$155,100$136,757$137,034
Average Sales Price$359,869$289,574$150,653$129,757$123,266
Ratio of LP/SP1.07%.98%.97%.95%.90%
Sold Price per S.F.$128.42$102.90$101.05$83.57$70.44
Days on Market7179106127132
Median List Price$227,000$160,000$134,500$137,250$115,000
Median Sales Price$212,000$155,000$145,000$129,757$105,000
Ratio of LP/SP.93%.97%1.08%.95%.91%
Sold Price per S.F.$123.84$106.45$102.99$85.56$69.94
Days on Market9537762102

This next chart is for Stone County Cabins.  Yearly appreciation rates are not as impressive as Taney County – but still quite a bit higher than the national average.  The average appreciation rate is 7.36% and the median appreciation rate is 6.79%.

# Sold6258565337
Average List Price$278,624$268,381$249,985$180,558$217,517
Average Sales Price$271,694$254,112$255,037$172,908$198,611
Ratio LP/SP.98%.95%1.03%.96%.91%
Sold Price per S.F.$137.24$118.77$110.10$112.69$111.99
Days on Market9489109140132
Median List Price$220,000$189,375$172,450$149,900$169,900
Median Sales Price$221,000$194,250$165,000$142,300$165,000
Ratio LP/SP100%1.03%.96%.95%.97%
Sold Price per S.F.$124.34$103.78$114.74$101.79$103.48
Days on Market4264618841

Frequently Asked Questions about Cabins

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Q:  What classifies as a cabin?

A:  Traditionally, it’s simply a small rustic house made from logs with a simple interior.

Q:  What’s the difference in a cabin, cottage or chalet?

A:  Not much difference.  They are all small dwellings – but a cottage can be made from many different materials and located anywhere.  A cabin would typically be rustic in nature and located near water or nestled in the woods.  A chalet is another type of architecture, originating in the Swiss Alps.  They have more overhanging eaves.

Q:  Are log homes more energy efficient?

A:  Yes, if they are built properly.  Wood is a better insulator than traditional framing materials.

Q:  Are log homes more expensive to insure?

A:  They can be.  If you are interested in purchasing a cabin or log home, it would be a good idea to check with your insurance agent first.

Q:  Do log cabins get termites?

A:  They sure can.  Wood is wood and that’s a termite picnic.  Care should be taken to do regular pest control maintenance.

Q:  Is it hard to get a mortgage on a log home?

A:  Yes, sometimes.  We just have to dig a little deeper to find the right lender.  But, it can be done.

Q:  Do log homes hold their value?

A:  Yes, if they are well maintained – they do hold their value well.

I look forward to hearing from you and showing you Cabins for Sale in Branson MO.

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Cabins for Sale in Branson MO and surrounding areas

Lakefront Cabins on Table Rock Lake

Cabins for Sale with Acreage

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Cabins for Sale in Branson MO

Cabins for Sale in Branson MO and surrounding areas. Cabins can vary in size from a very small vacation home to a small. primary residence home. They come in all shapes and sizes. The area focused on here is Taney, Stone and Christian counties in southern Missouri.

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