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Homes for Sale in Branson MO are Beautiful and Affordable!  Branson is a gorgeous mountain community nestled in and around Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake.  The scenery is nothing short of ‘eye-candy’!  Click on ANY of the above tabs for a quick and easy search for homes that have just what you are looking for!  Search for homes by price, lot size, features, bedrooms, baths and much more!  Retiring?  Why not have a relaxing lake home?  OR maybe you want an Ozark Cabin?  I will help you find your dream home!

Homes for Sale in Branson MO - Welcome Sign
Homes for Sale in Branson MO – Branson – A great place to visit – but a better place to live!

And Entertainment?  Oh MY!!  It’s the vacation destination that 8 million people find every year.  Branson offers over 50 live-performance theatres!  You’ll find tons of fun and activities for every age group.

Many people come to Branson to visit – and decide they want to live here.  It’s a great place to retire or have a vacation home.  You’ll find an abundance of condos or single-family homes with gorgeous lake and/or mountain views.  Most people find the costs in the tri-lakes area to be much lower than in other parts of the country.

Branson is a very friendly and patriotic community!  I always enjoy seeing the ‘Veterans Only’ parking in many of the parking areas.  It’s time our veterans get recognition for their service to our country!

Popular Subdivisions in Branson

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Homes for Sale in Branson

Branson Home Sales Data – Past 5 Years

Property Sub-Type201920182017201620155 Year GrowthAverage Growth per Year
$217,584$206,533$199,466$185,074$183,048+ 18.8%+ 3.8%
$560,500$433,107$398,635$298,962$301,377+ 85.9%+ 17.2%
Luxury Over $500,000
$673,267$628,293$584,567$563,750$567,307+ 18.7%+ 3.8%
$139,145$137,705$125,628$137,657$138,082+ 1%+ .02%
Condo Lakefront$177,868$165,518$145,176$154,151$134,506+ 32.2%+ 6.4%
Condo - Luxury
over $500,000
$647,694$766,660$500,000$587,900-0-+ 14.94%+ 3.7%
$94,057$99,727$80,250$129,018$78,717+ 19.5%+ 3.9%
1-10 Acres
$347,308$308,378$264,771$241,259$239,078+ 45.2%+ 9.1%

Condos for Sale in Branson

Distance to Branson

Atlanta GA 668Hot Springs AR 218New Orleans LA 596
Bentonville AR 82Houston TX 597Omaha NE 394
Birmingham AL 522Indianapolis IN 493Oklahoma City OK 324
Blue Eye MO 22Kansas City MO 209Orlando FL 1,063
Charlotte NC 861Knoxville TN 632Paducah KY 322
Chicago IL 547Lake of the Ozarks MO 126Springfield IL 347
Cincinnati OH 601Lexington KY 588Springfield MO 44
Dallas TX 427Little Rock AR 172St. Louis MO 252
Denver CO 806Louisville KY 511Topeka KS 265
Des Moines IA 400Memphis TN 279Washington DC 1,065
Eureka Springs AR 53Nashville TN 456Wichita KS 285

Golf Courses in Branson

Map of Branson Golf Courses
Approximate Location of Branson Golf Courses.

LOOKING FOR A GOLF COURSE COMMUNITY?  Look no further for both single-family and condos…

Restaurants and Shopping in Branson

Branson has no shortage of great restaurants.  From fine dining to fast food to local family-type restaurants – you’ll find them here!

The shopping is great with Branson Landing Mall, Tanger Outlet Mall, Historic Downtown Branson, Branson Mill, Branson Meadows and Grand Village Shops.  You’ll find more souvenier shops than you can imagine.

Homes for Sale in Branson MO - Shopping Map
Homes for Sale in Branson MO – Shopping Center Map – Shop ‘Till you Drop!
What is an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?
An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is one that works EXCLUSIVELY for you, the Home Buyer – without any conflict of interest. I do not take listings, and therefore have no ulterior motive to sell you one of my listings. I work only for you – to find the home you are looking for…at the best possible price. Call me today … Pam Rumley, Broker … 615-428-8500.

Be sure to read my “Buyer’s Guide” for great information about searching Homes for Sale in Branson.

College of the Ozarks!

College of the Ozarks!  Wouldn’t it be great if all colleges operated this way:

Stone Entrance to College of the Ozarks - HardWorkU
College of the Ozarks – Hard Work U!
  • Students Work for their Education
  • No Tuition
  • Debt is Discouraged
  • No Federal, State or Private Loans

What an idea!  Students work to pay for their meals, books and tuition!  They get their education – and graduate without all those student loans to repay.  And they learn about the field of work they are entering.  But, more than this, they learn the value of hard work and become productive adults without expecting the government to give them everything!  In fact, it’s called Hard Work U.  College of the Ozarks is a Christian University.  Admission is need-based – but those students have to work hard to get into this great school.  They must work hard for those grades long before they apply for admission.

All this in the gorgeous setting of Branson!  What lucky students!!


Location Map for Branson MO

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Homes for Sale in Branson MO

Homes for Sale in Branson MO - Information about Branson! Homes for Sale, Market Data for Past 5 Years, Schools, Entertainment, Things to Do and More!

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