A complete overview of the Branson MO Real Estate Market – Including Sales Data from 2019-2015. An interesting look at what the Branson market has done for the past 5 years.

Branson Real Estate Market Conditions | 2020

Here’s a quick look at the Branson Real Estate Market Conditions for 2020 – This is a slightly different chart because it’s showing the entire Branson area of Taney and Stone counties.

Category# of SalesAverage List PriceAverage Sold PricePercentage LP/SPAverage per Sq. Ft. Days on Market
Single Family
Under 2 acres/
under $500,000
Single Family
2-5 Acres
5+ Acres
Luxury Homes
Lakefront Condos143$193,288$189,54298.1%$144.1586

Branson MO Real Estate Market Comparison 2015-2019

Branson MO Real Estate Market
The market is up in the Branson MO Real Estate Market!

Check out the 1st Quarter Market Report – 2020 compared to 2019!

Enjoy this quick look at the Branson MO Real Estate Market – Comparing 2015-2019 Sales in Various Categories.  You can see that the median sale prices have changed a bit, with the largest jump being in single-family Lakefront Homes at approximately 17.2% growth per year.  These are awesome figures when you look at the National Association of Realtors average yearly growth at 3.7%.  WOW – Branson is the place to be!  Housing in the Branson area is a bit lower than the current national average of $236,100.  Scroll on down to see more housing statistics in nearby communities.  Or take a look at our zip code maps to get a better view of where the communities are located.

Breakdown of Branson Home Sales – Average Price Data

Property Sub-Type201920182017201620155 Year GrowthAverage Growth per Year
$217,584$206,533$199,466$185,074$183,048+ 18.8%+ 3.8%
$560,500$433,107$398,635$298,962$301,377+ 85.9%+ 17.2%
Luxury Over $500,000
$673,267$628,293$584,567$563,750$567,307+ 18.7%+ 3.8%
$139,145$137,705$125,628$137,657$138,082+ 1%+ .02%
Condo Lakefront$177,868$165,518$145,176$154,151$134,506+ 32.2%+ 6.4%
Condo - Luxury
over $500,000
$647,694$766,660$500,000$587,900-0-+ 14.94%+ 3.7%
$94,057$99,727$80,250$129,018$78,717+ 19.5%+ 3.9%
1-10 Acres
$347,308$308,378$264,771$241,259$239,078+ 45.2%+ 9.1%


What is a Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market?

Browse single-family homes in Branson from $200,000-$225,000.


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Hollister MO Market Report 2018-2019

Hollister MO Zip Code 65672

Hollister is located just south of Branson.  It's a beautiful area with an abundance of shopping - and is home to the College of the Ozarks.

Hollister MO Real Estate market area
Hollister MO Real Estate area! Beautiful, trendy and so close to everything Branson!

Take a look at the average sales prices for homes in Hollister over the past 5 Years.

Property Sub-Type20192018201720162015
Single-Family Lakefront$391,475$311,867$298,786$225,750$384,543
1-10 Acres$227,502$196,400$208,469$147,346$183,611

Shop Homes for Sale in Hollister priced from $200,000-$250,000...

Ozark MO Real Estate Report 2018-2019

Ozark Missouri - Zip Code 65721

Ozark is a larger community located between Branson and Springfield on Highway 65.

Ozark MO Real Estate Market Report area
Ozark MO Real Estate Market area

Ozark Home Sales - Average Sold Prices from 2019-2015

Property Sub-Type20192018201720162015
Homes on 1-10 Acres$286,716$264,028$246,235$261,241$233,222
Browse Ozark MO Houses for Sale $200,000-$225,000

Branson West MO Home Sales 2018-2019

Branson West - Zip Code 65737

Branson West is located just west of Branson on Highway 76.  You'll find Silver Dollar City in Branson West.

 Branson West MO Real Estate Market Report area
Branson West MO Real Estate Market area

Average Home Sale Prices 2019-2015

Big Winner in Branson West - Take a look at the Condo Sales.  From 2015, condo sales in Branson West have appreciated 13% a year!  WOW!

# Sold8592767657
Average List Price$287,254$282,452$265,614$259,552$290,103
Average Sold Price$278,497$273,182$255,974$250,555$269,496
Ratio LP/SP96.9%96.7%96.4%96.5%92.9%
Average Price per S.F.$107.15$90.68$91.34$92.34$85.59
Days on Market69124155147142
# Sold6266667255
Average List Price$164,945$148,917$123,560$118,426$101,107
Average Sold Price$159,757$142,184$119,272$113,363$97,160
Ratio LP/SP96.9%95.4%96.5%95.7%96.1%
Average price per S.F.$110.54$102.21$89.50$88.04$74.39
Days on Market598992121118

Kimberling City MO Home Sales 2018-2019

Kimberling City MO - Zip Code 65686

Kimberling City MO Location Map
Kimberling CIty MO Real Estate Location Map

Kimberling City is located just south of Branson West - on Table Rock Lake -

Average Sold Prices for 2019-2015


Property Sub-Type20192018201720162015
Single-Family Lakefront$384,754$306,183$371,697$293,516$281,050
Condo Lakefront$187,801$198,916$198,867$168,278$145,453
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Branson MO Real Estate Market

A complete overview of the Branson MO Real Estate Market - Including Sales Data from 2019-2015. An interesting look at what the Branson market has done for the past 5 years.

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